TRT offers safe and reliable intermodal services from East and Midwest shipping points to the West Coast.  Shipments come into our Joliet, IL facility where product is secured into a container for shipping on the railroads. Our West Coast partners then deliver to customers by truck.

Our 45,000 square foot facility in Joliet offers  short term storage to accommodate customers shipping via TRT Intermodal.

Custom Built Equipment:

Our own design "sleds" that material is loaded onto and secured for shipment

The Location:

4020 West Mound Rd in Joliet, IL 60436

​45,000 square foot warehouse located in Joliet, IL near the rail ramps

​7 van doors

​3 drive thru doors

Our Services

The Starting Line Up:

2 Yale Forklifts

1 Taylor "Big Red"

1 Spotter

All material can be safely unloaded from a truck and loaded securely into containers to ship on rails


Our Tools