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TRT Intermodal offers transportation services to customers that ship from East, Midwest or Southern points to Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas and Washington.  By  definition intermodal describes the process of using more than one mode of transportation.  TRT utilizes the perfect combination of  over the road trucks and railroads for shipping.

Options for shipping via TRT Intermodal:

  • Door to Door - we pick up and deliver 
  • Terminal to Door - customer would drop product at our facility in Joliet, IL
  • Door to Terminal - we pick up and customer delivers once material reaches transloading facility in California or Washington
  • Terminal to Terminal - customer drops off material and delivers once material reaches transloading facility in California or Washington.

Shipments are blocked and braced in containers upon arrival at our Joliet, IL facility and shuttled to local rail ramp for transportation via rail to ramp closest to final destination. Upon arrival at destination ramp the containers are picked up from rail then unloaded.  Material is delivered by truck to final destination.

TRT can ship any non-hazmat material that will fit into a 40' container.  We have heavy fork lift capacity to handle all legal weight loads.

TRT specializes in both FAK and coiled metal products.  We are the only intermodal shipping company approved by both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railroads to ship coiled metal products that are over 12,500 lbs.

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What is Intermodal Transportation?

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